Курстун коду Курстун аты (Кыргызча) Курстун аты (Түркчө) Семестр Апталык саат Кредит ЕКТС
Курстун планы
Апта Темасы
1. Апта Getting to know you!Describing a person (answering an email)Useful language for describing persons and personalities
2. Апта Present simple, action and non-action verbs Past tenses: simple/cont/perfect Food in our country.
3. Апта We are family (predictions) My life without money(predictions, WH questions, phrasal verbs)
4. Апта Present perfect continuous. It was just a holiday but… (pair reading – reading by proxy)
5. Апта A journey from London to France (numbering activities. Telling a story (process writing with a model and writing check for mistakes.
6. Апта Comparatives and superlatives. How long…? Road safety. The most dangerous road in the world. The best city in the world.
7. Апта Must, have to, should(obligations) Must, may, might, can’t (deduction) Can, could, be able to (ability and possibility)
8. Апта 1st conditional and future time clauses + when, until.Friends reunited. Talking about close friends and friendship; things you used to do.
9. Апта 2nd conditional-usually and used to, School education. My favourite subject.
10. Апта Quantifiers a/an, the, no article Slow food& Slow city A & B reading, reporting back Planning a new city.
11. Апта Gerunds and infinitives. Being happy is... From librarian to political reporter… Matching headings to paragraphs A job advertisement as a prompt for applying for a job layout and style guidance
12. Апта Can, could, be able to (ability and possibility) Do I really look like this? (WH pre-and after reading questions)
13. Апта Talking about mobile phones and manners Matching people and their jobs Must, Have to, ought to
14. Апта Passive (be + past participle). Films and film makers. The best film that I've ever watched.
15. Апта Relative clauses: defining and non-defining clauses. Talking about a person you admire.
16. Апта Final Exam